Colombia does not want me to ski there.

My second time planning a ski trip to Colombia, I thought I had it all dialed. I thought I'd learned enough during my first visit to figure out how to ski there. I was wrong.

After countless hours of emails, phone calls, and meetings in Colombia, it was confirmed: the officials wouldn't let me ski.
While one park ranger gave me permission, his boss told him that I was "not allowed to ski anywhere in Colombia that has snow."
So, um, where am I allowed to ski? Because I certainly don't need too much snow.
There are two primary mountain ranges in Colombia with enough snow to ski. I was dismissed from both of them. I never even got my skis to Colombia.
Like so many of my friends have pointed out to me since my return, why did I even try to seek permission?
Instead, I just ran and skateboarded and rode horses and mountain bikes.