It was winter. I left my skis in the crawlspace in which I was living. I didn't have much money. Of course I was going to India. 

My friend Tony called me and asked if I'd received the wedding invitation. "Yeah, that's wild, a wedding in India." 
"So when will you buy your ticket?" Tony asked me.
"Well, we're obviously going. How often do you get invited to a friend's India!?"

We were about to graduate college. I bought my plane ticket the next day. But unlike some of the others, I wasn't going to travel to India and leave after the four-day wedding celebration (which was an experience like no other).
Instead, I gave myself a month to enjoy the country. Tony said he'd join me for the month before he returned to the States to begin his career.
I had no plans of doing any such thing, so I figured I would just go wherever the wind took me.
I almost left the country without visiting the Taj Mahal. I'm really glad I didn't.