First descents in Kazakhstan of huge, difficult-to-access mountains. With a middle school teacher living in San Diego.

Robin Hill and I have climbed and skied together all over the USA, Chile, Denali, Argentina, and more. But since graduating from college together in 2010, our paths have gone different directions. I want to see if Robin and I still have the partnership solidified in the mountains.
What better place to do that than Central Asia?

Robin, now a teacher at sea level, is strong, thoughtful, and conservative with his decision-making. I, a professional skier, want to travel with my buddy and have a fun trip the way I've come to know best. Local climber "Rage" not only helped with logistics but ultimately became our ski partner. 
The peaks ended up being more difficult to reach than we ever imagined. Porters were unreliable, tensions became elevated, and avalanches were imminent. But what Robin and I learned about each other ran far deeper than that.