A small team of skiers strapped an obnoxious amount of gear to bicycles and rode through arctic Norway. Connecting craggy islands by underwater tunnels, they climbed and skied mountains along the length of the Lofoten archipelago. Gear failed, partners bailed, and spirits wavered. But after camping on snow-covered beaches, what they found at the end of the peninsula made them look deeper inside themselves and their motives.

I'd done this once before, in 2014, and I said I'd never do it again.
I did.


Goal Zero

Videographer Joey Schuster and photographer Kt Miller joined me as I pedaled 300 miles through the arctic winter with a bicycle that weighed, um, a lot more than I do.
We wanted to make a film about it. And we did.

But first, a lot went wrong.


Hello, World!

Your movie impressed the public with its storytelling, wit and your unpretentious approach to adventures. It also made some us want to go and explore Norway!
— B:Loft Bicycle Film Night, Luxemborg