photo  Jason Eichhorst,   jasoneichhorst.  location  Utah

photo Jason Eichhorst,
location Utah

Riding bicycles from Portland to Seattle, the hard way.

Loaded with over 200 pounds of ski, camp, bike, and glacier equipment, Abe Greenspan and I climbed over 55,000 vertical feet throughout our 500-mile trip.

Along the way, we skied Mount Adams, Mount Saint Helens, and Mount Rainier.

It seemed like a good idea on the phone, but was excruciatingly difficult in reality. We spent most of our time in our bikes' lowest gears, grinding up 5000-foot mountain passes in the rain.
When we reached the end of the access road, we'd climb and ski monstrous volcanos. Then we'd ski back to our bikes, pack up, and ride away that same day.

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