photo  Adam Clark  location  Volcán Lanín, Patagonia, Chíle

photo Adam Clark
location Volcán Lanín, Patagonia, Chíle

A month spent in a van with a dude.

Adam Clark and I drove a 2wd rental 5000 kilometers from Santiago, Chile to the end of the southernmost road in the mainland world.
Along the way, we climbed and skied volcanos.

Well, almost to the end. Four kilometers from the end of the dirt track, which stops at the tip of South America, we got our van stuck while crossing a small creek. 
So we didn't quite make it.
But at least we climbed and skied lots of awesome mountains. We would see a mountain from the road, say, "That looks nice," and find our way safely up and down it. 
And I got to ski on my birthday--October 5--for the first time.

photos Adam Clark,
location Patagonia, Chile and Argentina


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