location  Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC

location Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC

I focus on:

Avalanche Education

Environmental Awareness

Public Lands Protection


I care about:

gender equality
workplace diversity
the origin of my jacket's polyester
trail maintenance
diversity in sports
endangered species
underprivileged youth in sports
responsible sourcing and supply chains
costs of higher education
bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure

"Brody not only seeks his own avalanche education; he also gives back by teaching others how to approach and stay alive in dangerous terrain. He donates time and energy for interviews in large-distribution educational films. He is a good icon for safety, his track record is proof. Brody brings a good image to the avalanche community by being responsible in the mountains and helping his fellow skiers when they have questions. We love Brody Leven."
-Trent M.
Utah Avalanche Center, Know Before You Go


Once a year, I put on a suit and meet with elected officials in Washington DC to discuss the integrity of our natural environment.

I speak at press conferences, elementary schools, professional development workshops, media outlets, and government hearings about our environment.

I volunteer to help teach avalanche classes, give presentations on my experiences in the world's mountains, and write op-eds about first-hand experiences with climate change.

At the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in 2015, I represented the snowsports industry as eyes and ears to the most important climate negotiations of my generation.

I am not an expert on avalanches nor the environment. But I care about our health and safety. I volunteer to make a small, positive impact on our planet and people.

location   White House, Washington DC

location White House, Washington DC

"Brody truly understands the role of being a pro athlete and how to use his platform to create positive change by educating, inspiring and influencing others. Brody is always prepared; he shows up and embraces every opportunity that’s presented to him. He’s truly someone we all rely on, admire and respect."
-Chris Steinkamp
Executive Director, 2007-2017
Protect Our Winters
location  COP21, Paris, France

location COP21, Paris, France