photo  Adam Clark  location  Cooke City, Montana

photo Adam Clark
location Cooke City, Montana

photo  Jason Eichhorst  location  Wasatch Mountains, Utah

photo Jason Eichhorst
location Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Brody Leven

have never eaten meat. ever.
am a professional skier and storyteller.
have not climbed Everest.
was raised in flat, northeastern Ohio as a freestyle skier and soccer player.
graduated from Westminster College in 2010.
was elected two-term university student body president.
studied economics, honors, and Spanish.
suck at surfing.
am terrified of avalanches.
wear a suit to talk with congress each year about climate change.
have ridden my bicycle across the USA and run ultramarathons.
was the recipient of my college's highest honor, the President's Leadership Award.
owned a successful mobile DJ business from ages 9 to 18.
live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
am obsessed with climbing and skiing the world's mountains.