My good friend Tony was living in China.

And I knew about those crazy climbing formations in China. So I couldn't resist.

I flew from Korea to China. The first thing I did in Beijing (after visiting places like the Great Wall of China, of course), was to search for fuel for my camping stove.
It was a long, difficult process--but, as per the norm, it offered me something to do in the big city.
After a few days of searching, Tony's Chinese skills finally landed me a couple isobutane cartridges for my stove.
Little did I know that I would end up flying to Yangshuo, my climbing destination, and thus have to throw the cartridges away before boarding, because they aren't allowed on airplanes. Ugh. Story of my life.
Then I went rock climbing in the south of China, in the summer, which made me sweat more than I ever have in my entire life.
And before I left, I got the worst haircut of my life, inside a tetanus closet.