Connor, my childhood friend, was living in Korea. his own english-language children's television show on Korean PBS. 

So even though that's a totally normal thing for a friend to do, I felt like I should go visit him.
And of course, after my visit, I'd go climbing.
But first, we stepped a foot into North Korea during a tour of the DMZ--demilitarized zone--and tried to not make eye contact with North Korean soldiers, just paces away.
Then Tony and I joined Connor for a little acting for his television show, and then I left and went climbing. And I went to the "opening ceremony" of a new sea cliff.
And I was in a photoshoot for the first and only Enlish-language Korean climbing guidebook, a truly beautiful work of art. And we went to a board game cafe.
And it was great. Except when I unzipped my tent to find my Chaco missing. Turns out, some little critter took it a few hundred feet and just left it.