I got robbed and everything irreplaceable was stolen.

Sure, the thief at the bus station left my ski equipment, camping gear, and thousands of dollars worth of replaceables.
But he took my camera, including a memory card containing 2 months of solo travel photos. My journal, containing 2 months of solo travel entries.
My annotated guidebook, showing everywhere visited. My passport. My gifts for families and friends. My dignity.

It was my first international trip. I was 20 years old and the most valuable thing I had was a plane ticket for 2 months in Argentina. Why?
Because I loved skiing and had heard you could ski there in the summer. Did I know that arriving in early June would end up being a month before the snow fell?
Nope, so I went backpacking. Did I know that things actually cost money once I landed in Argentina, and that I'd actually have to find more money?
Nope, but I figured it out. Did I know much about safe backcountry skiing protocol in areas without rescue services? I'm glad to be alive.
Did I instill in myself a love of travel?
I have a couple of pictures from friends that I met along the way and my little backup camera.